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Quality Brake Repair Services in Delaware, OH

Garage 36 is dedicated to providing exceptional auto brake repair and other car care services. We understand how important your vehicle’s brakes are to your safety. Our team of experienced brake mechanics will go the extra mile to make sure that each one of your braking system components remains in pristine condition — keeping you and everyone else in the vehicle safe.

Trust only the experts when it comes to complete auto care. Schedule an automotive brake repair or maintenance appointment with us today.

Signs You Need to Schedule a Service for Your Brakes

It’s important to have a reliable mechanic check your vehicle regularly, especially the brakes. This helps reduce the risk of brake failure, which can have catastrophic consequences. But even when your vehicle is properly maintained, there is still a possibility for its brakes to fail unexpectedly. Due to its importance to vehicle safety, it’s necessary to know the different warning signs indicating that you need to seek the help of a licensed brake mechanic.

To help you figure it out, here are some signs that you should contact Garage 36:

Are you hearing any high-pitch squealing or squeaking noises coming from your brakes? That’s a clear sign there is something wrong with them. Any new weird noises should not be ignored. Even though faulty brake pads and rotors aren't always to blame, only a skilled mechanic can accurately pinpoint the true problem. We recommend that you get in touch with us immediately the moment you hear any unusual noises.

Is your vehicle or steering wheel vibrating when you hit the brakes? It might be time to schedule a brake service with Garage 36. One possible reason this happens is due to the wearing down of your brake rotors. Our brake specialist can quickly identify if that’s really the cause or if there is another reason. The important thing is that you bring your vehicle to us immediately so we can check it out before the issue gets worse.

Is your vehicle’s brake light on? That’s the most obvious sign that you need to get in touch with Garage 36. The dashboard warning brake light is designed to notify you once the brake system has been compromised and needs to be checked out. Failure to do so can lead to serious consequences that may not only damage your vehicle, but also put you in danger.

Best Brake Repair Near Me

Neglecting car brake services can be dangerous to you and other people. Bring your vehicle to Garage 36 when you notice any signs of brake damage. Whether you need a brake rotor replacement, brake fluid change, brake drum replacement, master cylinder replacement, brake line repair, or brake pad replacement, we are the best auto brake shop to get in touch with. Our seasoned mechanics are trained to provide expert auto brake maintenance and repair services — making us a top choice for many vehicle owners in Delaware, OH.

Let our seasoned mechanics take care of your vehicle’s braking system. Schedule an appointment with Garage 36 today.

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